RealThingks Automotive Engineering

Services partner for Automotive Embedded Software Platforms

The automotive industry has moved from an industry where value is created by mechanics to an industry where value is created by software. Managing large amounts of software is not an advantage but a necessity for sucess in the automotive electronics sector. 

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We are convinced that the best, possibly also the only, way to master the large amount of embedded software in the automotive industry is to base the ECU development on embedded software platforms. Doing so will drive re-use through the organization. Which in turn will increase the innovation speed, shorten the time to market, improve quality and lower cost.

Using the right embedded software platform strategy enables a company to improve the innovation speed, shorten time to market, reduce cost and improve quality at the same time. 

We help our customers use this challenge to their advantage!

Why do we think we can do it?

Technical skill

We have an expert team with a single focus on AUTOSAR.

Access to talent

Over the decades of AUTOSAR work the RealThingks Automotive team has build the right access to talent in Europe, US, Japan, China and India.

Understanding of the market

We breathe, eat and sleep automotive software. We know the technical requirements and we know the key stake holders. This is what we are!

Unique approach and operational model

Our approach and expertise helps our customers become a better company and do things better. We are much more than a staffing agency!

RealThingks Automotive provides a unique combination of experts, engagement model and implementation approach to drive re-use throughout the ECU development.