An ever increasing need for performance, safety and security at the same time cost pressure creates new and difficult technical challenges. RealThingks Automotive Engineering understands the details and have been through this transition in a large number of projects. We use this experience to consult our customers on technical challenges like:

Multi Core

Multi core microcontrollers is the solution to the performance vs. energy consumption problem. But it is easier said than done. We help re-desiging a single core system to a multi-core system such that the performance is optimised.


Performance and memory optimisation translates into profits. RTAE helps with the right configuration, the right system design and optimised software implementations such that the functional and financial project goals are met. 


Developing safe vehicles is not just a legal requirement but a necessary for survival especially if the vehicles drive autonomously. This presents unique challenges in it self and RealThingks Automotive Engineering helps with a safe software design that is suitable to be used in systems with a high safety level. using the ISO 26262 standard as base.


There can be no safety without security.  Cyber security is an absolute must for vehicle with autonomous driving functions connected with the infrastructure. RealThingks Automotive Engineering offers consultancy to make your ECU secure.


Autonomous and connected vehicles are large and extremely complex computer systems on wheels managing enormous amounts of data in milliseconds. A very fast and reliable network is the backbone that enables that. At RealThingks Automotive Engineering we have extensive experience in network design, data routing and the in-vehicle network protocols that we utilize to assist building the in-vehicle networks of the future.

Consulting from RealThingks Automotive Engineering puts our customers on the right track to mange the technical challenges of modern automotive software.