We base our services offering on the globally accepted AUTOSAR software standard. Our team of well experienced experts have been working with AUTOSAR for a minimum 5 years and some even since the start in 2004.

AUTOSAR SW Architecture.png

The AUTOSAR standard stack covers somewhere between 60% - 80% of the ECU feature need.


For the ECU to function correctly the AUTOSAR software stack must be configured, ECU feature specific software must be integrated and OEM specifics must be configured and added.

We have the capability to do anything around AUTOSAR. We have experts that can develop and customise AUTOSAR compatible software, configure the whole AUTOSAR stack, Integrate non-standard software with the AUTOSAR stack, test and validate the AUTOSAR software and perform the complete OEM specific software integration and change management.


We have the capability to develop the embedded software, the configuration files and tool plug-ins.

Our experts have experience in developing AUTOSAR embedded modules all they way from AUTOSAR R2.1 and we have extensive experience with ARXML, ARTOP, Java and HTML 5. We have the necessary know-how of processes, functional safety and security such that the software developed meets your needs.


Our experts have have the capability to configure the complete AUTOSAR stack. Communication, Memory, Operating System, RTE or all of the modules are well known to us and combined with the deep knowledge of the tool chains available in the market we are the integration experts.


Integration is the key skill for each project and for establishing an embedded software platform. We integrate non-AUTOSAR embedded software in the embedded AUTOSAR stack and provide plug-ins to ensure the right tool support. In addition to that we integrate application software, OEM specific software and Microcontroller Abstraction layers.


During the ECU development there are many different types of testing and validation required. Our services offering includes OEM specific Integration and acceptance testing, Application integration and interface testing, Basic Software Integration and configuration test, Microcontroller abstraction layer Integration and configuration test, Basic Software safety validation against Safety requirements.


Bootloaders are not part of the AUTOSAR standard but a boot loader is necessary for any ECU and it is an integral component of an embedded software platform. Anything we can do for AUTOSAR software we can do for boot loaders. With extensive experience of microcontroller memory and OEM specific requirements we have the right experts.

Our extensive experience in multi SoC bootloaders makes bootloader integration in complex ECUs or private networks of ECUs easier.

RealThingks Automotive Engineering offers services for AUTOSAR standard products with the end goal to make your ECU run and to create an embedded software platform!